dedicated to the local scene and music of Israel of which I love very much
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I know most of you have absolutely zero interest in the Israeli music scene. Maybe you hate this country, maybe you just have plenty of good music to hear and are not looking for more. Israel is a weird, complex country. Jewish people from all over the world - Europe, Asia, Africa, and America all living up with 2 million arabs, christians, bedouin and druze on the same piece of land. There are orthodox jews, hareidi jews, hassidic jews, secular jews, and non religious jews. This randezvous of so many cultures is what makes the Israeli society so complex and interesting. I don't know if someone who doesn't live here will understand or will be able to enjoy the lyrical value of most israeli music, but I am here to present my favorite artists to the international audience, in a hope that some of you will enjoy it, even if just a little bit.

So, what'll you find here?

First and foremost, recommendations of Israeli music. Punk, Hip-Hop, Trap, Metal, you name it.
For some of the music, I'd also provide translations and context notes to help you understand what the hell is being sung.
And maybe, but just maybe, sometimes, pictures.

And another thing to keep your expectaions low

This is not, by any means, a "proffesional" site. This is just a little corner of appreciation for the local music in my really small and crazy country. I am not a music reporter, nor a reporter at all, and this is not a guide or an archive to the Israeli music scene. I'm not THAT involved in the local scene to be able to pull up something like that. I'm just a music nerd who likes his local scene very much.

To sum shit up

this site is a love letter to all the music made in Israel <3

contact: pingilit42@gmail.com
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